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25 August 2008

Have you ever been called by a heaven being?

Let us suppose, you are young producer and suddenly your phone is ringing. You pick it up, and hear “Hello, this is Guy Ritchie calling”. Or for example, you are a young ballerina and suddenly “Hello, this is Plesetskaia. I like how you dance. ”. Or, let us suppose that are a young hacker and suddenly Kevin Mitnik is calling you…

In a beautiful day I was sitting at the work (in all beautiful days, as a rule I am sitting at the work, like all of us) and suddenly the phone rang.

-Yes! -I said shortly and business like.

– Hello! – in a singing voice I heard

-Indeed. – I answered politely.

-Do you speak English? – in a polite manner inquired the man on a perfect English

– I did understand the question. Yes I do! – I answered not in such perfect English.

-Good!-cheered up at the phone. This is from Pixar Studio calling.

-Oh my God! – Unbelievable and only at that time I saw that the phone number starts with one.

ОIt was found that they are really from «Pixar» Studio and that our work didn’t remain unnoticed by this monster of animation. And that we are invited in Emeryville town, not far from San Francisco in order to get to know better each other.

When I came to the studio I was talking with that people but the feeling that somebody tricking me didn’t leave me. We talked about prospects, about collaboration, they showed me the studio (of course not all of it), I came back but I still have the feeling that somebody tricked me. Although I have their business cards. And photos from the travel- here.

I am sorry for the quality- because of emotions my hands were trembling, the horizon was falling down and everything went dark before my eyes.

P.S. Yeah! Foremost- In Pixar talked about “Gypsy”. They said “An interesting project. Maybe you’ll bring it off.” They are so polite and cultured. They will never say directly: “Funny you, amateurs…”

But if seriously- we have to work and work. This was clear before the trip and it became transparent after the trip.

And few photos of San  Francisco- a tremendous city, in which 800 000 people live as one family, where businessmen are cycling after the Mercedes, where townspeople drink their coffee sitting on asphalt , where sushi cost 4 $, where the Alcatraz, Golden Gate, cable car, Apple, Silicon Valley and of course Pixar.

The man – a statue San Francisco Downtown
Cabel car – famous tram Emeryville
A typical city street Apple store
Alcatraz Prison Golden Gate

Crazy town…

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