Video conferencing – new features of the platform
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8 May 2020

The platform now offers the possibility to create video conferences directly on the lesson page. Teachers can now conduct real-time online classes.

To start the video lesson, the teacher needs to go to the lesson page and click the “Start video conference” button. Then students will see the “Connect to video conference” button on the same page.

For teachers, this is an opportunity to avoid using additional apps and programs for supporting effective learning, as well as to simplify the process of communication with students.


Video conferencing will help students progress through the course material more quickly, as they can now communicate directly with teachers. Also, if necessary, students can switch from one video conference to another.

Video conferencing is not limited in time or in number of participants. Additionally, video conferences on the platform include a series of other options:

1. Chat – during the live class, students and the teacher can exchange written messages.

2. “I want to speak” – video conference participants can “raise their hand” to ask a question or give an answer. To do this, it’s necessary to click the “I want to speak” button. A hand icon will appear in the corner of your window, and the teacher will notice it.

3. Mute all – the teacher (video conference moderator) can turn off the sound at once for all participants. Students will be able to turn on the microphone again on their own.

4. Invite by link – you can invite other users to the conference. For this, just copy the link and send it in any convenient way. This option is appropriate if the student is not logged in on the platform, and the lesson has already begun.

5. Screen sharing – to make the class more productive, participants in the video conference can share their screen in order to display certain documents from their computer (presentations, textbooks, homework, etc.).

6. Password setting – the video conference moderator can set a password to enter the conference.

7. Statistics – at the end of the video call, the moderator can view the statistics of the participants’ speeches.

The new feature is already available for use. For users who work from a computer, video conferencing will open in a new browser window. For users who get connected from a mobile device, an additional Studii Conference app needs to be installed. The application is available on the AppStore and PlayMarket.

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