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21 July 2017

The non-profit eco project, launched in Moldova on July 12, brings together more and more people eager to give a tree to our capital city, Chisinau. Among them there are people who buy a tree as a gift for someone’s birthday.

This way, the first participant who bought a tree as a gift was Lyudmila Moga. She decided to buy a warty birch as a gift for her husband Sergey, and offer him a certificate for tree planting on his birthday, July 20th. Sergey will have the opportunity to plant the tree this autumn, in the Dendrarium Park in Chisinau.


According to Lyudmila herself, this spring she watched a tv-show where the idea of project was discussed. Then she and her husband thought about it as a brilliant idea that our country really needed. “Just yesterday I read a blogger’s post about project. And here we are today, July 20th, my husband’s birthday. I decided that offering him a birch tree as a gift would be a very original idea, especially since he’s fond of them. The purchase was quick, the procedure is very simple”, – Lyudmila told us. Sergey was really surprised with the gift: “It’s hard to believe that you will ever get a tree as a gift! That’s amazing! Now we are looking forward to the autumn, when it will be possible to plant the birch tree.” The spouses confessed that the Dendrarium Park is their favorite place for walking. And now they’ll have one more reason to walk there.

Please be reminded that Verde project (also known as Mai is aimed at returning Chisinau the title of the most verdured city in Europe. Everyone can contribute to this useful thing. The municipal enterprise Spaţii Verzi, the administration of the Botanical Garden and the Dendrarium Park have jointly compiled a list of trees that need to be replaced, and selected places where the new trees should be planted.

Everyone interested can go to the website, select a tree that he/she likes in the catalog, and a place where it can be planted. After payment, the person can contribute to planting the tree or give it to project volunteers to be planted.


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