Two years of “Mafia” in Chisinau
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15 April 2012

The official opening of the club was held on April 15, 2010 in one of the capital’s restaurants. So, for the past two years in our country there is a professional club for playing Mafia – one of the most popular psychological games.

Mafia – not just training of brain and endurance, it is a big happy family of smart, interesting and cheerful people who are passionate about a common cause. Just like our Sicilian colleagues by name =) participated in international tournaments. The teams of the club had visited several cities of Ukraine: Odessa, Illichivsk, Kiev, and Khmelnitsky.

At the first international tournament the players from Chisinau club of “Mafia” won gold and bronze medals. Not bad for Moldovan Dons Corleone!

Life in the club:

1. A dynamic and changing rating of players, which is updated after each game night.

2. Prizes and gifts to the best player of the club.

3. Thematically parties: “Mafia style party”, the 8’Th of March, the New Year with Santa Claus, February 23, April 30 – the birthday of the club, with an invitation to a professional photographer.

4. The video shooting of games at the club.

5. Creating professional leagues and exhibition games.

6. Development of Mafia attributes: registered masks, badges, badges with the names of the players, jerseys, stickers on cars.

7. Corporate events with the largest companies in the Republic of Moldova. Mafia as a teambuilding.

Life outside of the club:

1. Corporate trip at seaside to Ilyichevsk.

2. Picnics: barbecues, open-air Mafia.

3. Different sport events and tournaments: football, tennis, bowling, volleyball, go-carting, ice skating, badminton, billiards.

4. Corporate going to the cinema and clubs.

Note: In 2010, the club had 10 people. Today, “Mafia” brings together several hundred people that personally visited the games and received an invitation to register

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