Simpals company was included in the list of Large Taxpayers
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29 December 2016


Simpals company was included in the list of the Large Taxpayers of Moldova for the 2017 year, according to a State Tax Inspectorate order. The information was published in Monitorul Oficial.

What it means and why it is so important for us?

From the paid taxes it’s formed the city budget, and also the budget of the entire country. The fact that we got in the Large Taxpayers list demonstrates that we contribute in a positive way the development of Republic of Moldova (at least, we contribute to the budget of it). At the end of the year we got good news (and it’s amazing that they are economic news!). In the next year we hope that we will do a little bit more for our country and for the people 🙂 At least, the events that we make, by the way, on our own, will be! And they will be bigger and more interesting! We wish you good news!

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