The Second Life of the City Beach at the Ghidighici Reservoir!
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30 May 2015


Summer has come and it is time to make it more comfortable and rememberable. It will happen due to clean-up and opening of the Ghidighici Reservoir beach.

The whole process of clean-up and arrangement of the beachwill be carried out in three stages:

On 6th of June – there will be the volunteer clean-up of the Ghidighici Reservoir beach with the help of volunteers and special team of workers who will refine 126 areas of the beach taking off the grass, rubbish and reed using the special equipment.

On 9th of June – 100 m3 of sand will be brought to the beach in order to reconstruct the real beach.

On 27th of June – benches and rubbish cans will be set on the Ghidighici beach.

Soon each resident of Moldova will have the possibility to visit and have rest at this beach with the family and best friends. There are good reasons why we call Ghidighici the “Chisinau sea”.

On the 19th of July there will take place the official opening if the renovated central Ghidighici beach and the open water swim race Sea Mile where everyone can take part.

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