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4 June 2008

Time influence- everything starts from a phone call.

The call from Master didn’t bode something bad but it was unusual because he called me rarely.

– Yes, Dmitrii? – I said cautious.

– Hi! – cheerful cried out the receiver- Drop in! We have ideas!

“We’ll drink vodka”- I understood and went to listen to the idea.

– The idea is. – broke off with vodka Voloshin. – Will make a cartoon. 3D cartoon. First in Moldova. We need the script.

– What kind of script? – I asked busily.

– Everything is really easy. Let it be not about Moldova, but… lets say about Balkans.

“Gypsy”- clicked in mind, spoilt by Kusturitsa.

– Cartoon- 3D…

“Possible to the script writer should be indifferent it is 3D or not 3D”- breathed out in my mind.

– Without any dialogs. Everything to be clear. – continued to expound the idea.

“God. Except dialogs I didn’t write anything”.

– By means of dramatic arts- continued to simplify the idea.

“Mom, I got lost and where are my belongings?”…

– Do you have any ideas? – pronouncedly asked the future producer.

– Gypsies. – mumbled the future script writer.

– What about gypsies?-more pronouncedly asked the producer.

– In general. Balkans. – hazily explained the script writer.

– Oh. – the producer got it. – And what about gypsies? Only without fortunetelling, drugs and the rest.

– In general. Horses, steppe, wander. The horse can be stolen…

Further the brain storm. Day and night. More than one month. The ideas flew enduring on their way the logics and common sense.

– For what he went their, a? What for?

– I don’t know! Maybe he is a fool….

– And the horseshoe kills somebody!

– No need! It’s cruel! Lets in the field the birth begins!

– Cemetery! We need a cemetery here!

– What for?

– Firstly, it is beautiful… Cemetery and well.

– Why well?

– Why not?

– Oh, lets them creep, and down there are the wheels?

– They creep along the cemetery…

– And at the cemetery is a fencelet from wheels.

– And on the headstone is written- Ataman!

– If it is from wheel on the headstone is written Michelin!

– We have a genius idea. Lets them fly and get into Erebus!

– What for?

– I don’t know… Beautiful.

– The band is leaving…

– And the index- “ Sky 50 km.” And a pointer to the top.

– And well?

– What for?

– Beautiful!

– Lets them drink!

– At the well!

– Why at the well- lets them simply drink.

– Ok, but we can not show it in the cartoon.

– Where from is the dog? It was no dog!

– It can be no dog. They are everywhere!

– Hello! Will have a turkey cock!

– Congratulations!

– How is the idea?

– What kind of turkey cock at 3 o’clock in the morning?

– Funky. Stupid. Tomorrow will discus.

– He is kicking the turkey cock- boom!

– No. It is cruel.

– But to steel the horses from the farmer is not cruel?

– How are the horses buried?

– Bury.

– Do they put a headstone?

– No. Orthodox horses?

– What do they put?

– Light music.

– What is the turkey doing at this time?

– A nestling box.

– What nestling box?

– The turkey is doing.

– What for?

– He is a bird.

– Oh… We have to finish for today.

– Let’s start from the beginning.

– We don’t have a beginning.

– And Gerasim is… !

– Who is Gerasim?

– The one who is Fedor!

– And at the oak- lash, bridle, heel, horsewhip, collar…

– A set of sado-maso

– And the plough!

– Ant the well!

– What for this well?

– We already drew it. It has to be wasted now?

– And then do they all crash into the oak?

– Why?

– Do they have in what to be crashed?

– Why is he pulling alone? He understands that he won’t do it? Is he a fool?

– Ok. You have to move a wardrobe. Heavy. Obviously you can’t move it alone. What do you do? Start searching for help or try it by yourself?

– Ok. He is not a fool.

– Rain!

– We didn’t have rain in the script.

– Rain is the mood.

– But when the person is pulling instead of horse this is not the mood?

– Ok. Lets the rain be.

– Let me guess, and the rain you already have painted?

– Yeah. Does it have to be wasted?

– And he is going their…

– What is he doing their?

– I don’t care. Let him do what he wants.

– He is twisting them on rope.

– Did he already cut the rope?

– Oh. Let him be tied with two ropes.

– What? Cool…

– What? I like it…

– Cool-cool-cool…

– Do we approve the script?

– Approved

– Hello? We changed everything… Can you come?

The work at this script was a pleasure. Even for that kind of moments.
Even if we didn’t drink vodka.

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