The number of viewers of Internet TV has exceeded 100,000
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25 March 2008

The first Internet TV from Moldova has scored more than 100,000 registered users. Since the launch on April 1, 2007, during a year became the most popular Moldovan video resource.

But not only the number of registered users has increased during a year. According to statistics, in the last month was watched by almost a million people (on average, the number of visitors is around 900,000). This proves once again that is the leading video resource of the Moldnet.

In 2007, the total number of users of Internet TV in the world has more than doubled and by the end of the year it amounted to 12.3 million people, reports Reuters. Thus, the Moldovan users represent about 1% of the total number of viewers the world of Internet resources.

During a year of its existence, turned in a full-fledged Internet TV, which allows its users to create channels of personal video materials, to broadcast live from home webcams, to discuss the live broadcasts in chat or just have fun and spend the time usefully. has many advantages over foreign resources: first, the presence of local content, and secondly, the free Moldovan Internet traffic and high speed.

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