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1 April 2010


What new can be found in the new, 6th version: Point ID, Rating.

Point ID

We’ve decided to combine all of our projects (forum, play, point, colegi, 999 …) under one roof.

Point ID – this is your e-mail and password – the sweet couple to log on to all our projects. Now, if you are friends with someone on the Play, your friend will appear on the Forum too. The unified system of internal messages will link all sites. Now, there is no need to register on the new sites of Simpals – just enter your email and password. Forum, as usual, is the first project in a series of portals connected to the Point ID.


To avoid spam, flood and other bad things, the rating will not be not one for the whole forum, but one for each project. For example, you’re the best in autos, but bad in books. And that’s fine, because Nazis will not attack the autos, and motorists will not choke the National issue.

Rating is the sum of the ratings in different themes. Now you can see what your friends do on the Forum.

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