The MaxDSL commercial “Grannies”
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1 September 2008

The grannies from the commercial for the company Moldtelecom had started to speak in our language, the language of the Internet users. They started to “Google” actively and to “hang” on forums.

The Simpals Company made them talk in that way. The heroines for the commercial come to life through a chain of complex associations. If you simplify the scheme, you will get something like this: “student + savings = rental housing => granny => 2 grannies.”

Later we decided that everyone should know how to use internet, including the elderly ladies. And we gave them a text full of internet terms. “It was quite difficult for the grannies to learn all this nonsense, from their point of view. But they laughed. And we, and the grannies, “- says the director of the commercial I. Kobylyansky.

As a result, the movie turned out with a idea of “2 in 1”: 1) a convenient offer from Moldtelecom, 2) the universal popularization of the Internet.

grannies1 from simpals on Vimeo.

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