The Gypsy Baron Said “Yes!”
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28 July 2008

On weekend we went to Soroca to meet the gypsy baron Arthur Mircea-Mihai Cerari.

The purpose of our visit was to receive the approval of Roma people for the script of the cartoon. Haven’t we written any nonsense about Romani?

The baron lives in a big, four-floor house in the center of Soroca. In the yard we were met by two Rottweilers, whom the master didn’t let gorge us.

The baron has taken our project seriously, read the script, smiled and suddenly said with seriousness: “That’s a philosophical parable… I like it. But why does the horse have such a strange name – Buţa?” – “This is the abbreviation from Buţefal” was the answer 😉

Arthur Cerari has thanked us for a good idea, for the visit, for the shown respect towards the gypsy culture and signed the script.

The official visit has ended with a feast and libation, and Arthur turned out to be a hospitable, cheerful, interesting company and simply a wise man.

We have learned a lot about the gypsies, their history, today’s problems and the plans on the revival of cultural heritage of the Roma people.

Towards evening, after the songs, dancing and fortune-telling we went happily home.

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