Telefunken – the two-meter robot
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20 May 2016

Far away, almost on the outskirts of Chisinau, a broken telephone switchboard was peacefully dozing. Each of us has seen one of these. You can usually see a guy in blue threadbare overalls sitting next to it and dawdling over into the wires with high concentration. This switchboard wad out of service for a very long time, and the activists of the art project “Chisinau Is ME” decided to breathe a new life into the gray tall cabinet.

Since the switchboard is still a phone, a unanimous decision was made to portray a robot. According to the authors, such robots will appear in different remote areas of the capital, and will bear their vigil, protecting the Moldovan national heroes.

The new art object is a lot bigger, than the Moldovan heroes, since the switchboard height is 2 meters. The project artists note that bright colors have transformed the gray, dull whacker into a friendly robot.

You may find the newcomer resident of the capital at Potirnichii 48/1

Chisinau Is ME thanks Caparol Company for its assistance.




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