Tea ceremony at SIMPALS
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23 May 2023

May was eventful for the members of the Simpals! Having enjoyed the vitamin attack during the fruit week and having reached a Zen state of mind on Sadhu boards, here we are at a real tea ceremony!

Tea ceremony expert guide from Cha Dao Moldova explained to Simpals staff about different tea varieties, history and traditions, tea preparation rituals and rules of tea drinking. Apparently, there are several steps that allow us to unleash the full potential of tea leaves. It is necessary to heat water correctly, use pre-heated utensils, brew tea correctly and only then enjoy the aroma and taste in the appropriate atmosphere and company.

There was both the right company and the right atmosphere at Simpals’ office. The staff had an unforgettable experience, enjoying the ancient oriental art, as well as the taste and aroma of different types of tea.

The tea ceremony was also a great way to build team spirit and enjoy the moment together. Special thanks to СHA DAO and Alex Luka.

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