simplified the registration for students and parents
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23 April 2020

The registration on the system became easier. Now, headteachers can connect students and their parents independently.


How does the new registration work?

– Family registration. This registration is suitable for families who have their children already included in the remote learning process. The headteacher copies the family invitation link and sends it to the student or parent. The whole family can register using just one link.

– Class registration. This registration type is suitable for the classes which are just starting to work with platform. The headteacher copies the class invitation link and sends it to all students/parents. They access the link, select their account and then log into the system.

The schools are connected to the remote learning platform through their administration. Learn more here:

As a reminder, is a remote learning platform developed in the Republic of Moldova. The teachers can upload video lessons, give homework, and the students can send the finished homework for verification, watch video courses and download manuals directly from the system. Currently, 47 Moldovan schools are connected to the system and there are over 56,529 users, among which 2,086 are teachers, 25,992 are students and 28,451 – parents. online platform was developed by Simpals company with the support and assistance of UNDP and the Tekwill Information Technology Development Center.

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