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1 April 2016


Sporter Team decided to make sports activities in Moldova more comfortable and healthier thanks to a new shopping service Sporter Market. This project will enable professional and amateur athletes to acquire high-quality sports clothing, sports accessories and the necessary equipment for sports.

Signing in Sporter Market is very simple. You only need to click the Market button, located on social network website, select the desired item and purchase it.

Buying the selected product is easy. The whole process of online shopping takes a few minutes. Simply choose your favorite model of clothes, shoes, accessories, add to cart, place the order, select the payment and delivery method, or pick it up personally in the shop.

Currently, Sporter Market offers 10 categories of products that combine a large number of sports shops and brands. Each athlete will be able to choose the right product, at any time, because now we offer you nearly 3,000 products, which will surely fit your needs.

By the way, more than 30 vendors place their goods on the Sporter Market at the moment, and they receive your orders. By leaving the product reviews, you are helping other customers to make their choice more quickly and confidently. Therefore, if you want to share your opinion on purchased goods, do not hesitate to write about it, so that we can make the Market better for all customers.

We would like to note that the main page of the Market displays the discounted products, new items on Market, and, of course, products for running from the best brands in our country. At the bottom of the page you may view the selection of stores, which have placed their products on the Sporter Market.

Enjoy your shopping, friends! We are confident that you will be satisfied with the service, provided by the first social sports network

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