“Sporter” celebrates 1461 days! Happy birthday!
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12 October 2016


These people don’t know what are weekends, tiredness and unhappy faces. They are aware of every sports event, taking place in our country. They are capable of gathering as many volunteers as needed for any event. They possess the skills of high-speed assembling \ disassembling of any construction. They are capable of spending hours on phone conversations with strangers while patiently explaining them basic questions. They are true athletes and masters of sports. They are the heroes, who are being cursed by the entire city during the events. They are “Sporter”! One of the most important department of our company celebrated 4 years on the 9th of October! 1461 days of endless sport. The debut of “Sporter” took place on the 9th of October, 2013 – “500 thousand centimeters”. Then, this event was attended by 50 people. But this was just the first step. Since then, much has changed: tones of all kinds of sport events, liters of “red bull” and coffee drunk, and tens thousands of thankful people attending our events, who fell in love with this “Sporter”. People, who work in “Sporter”, are the most unbelievable professionals, who are capable of doing absolutely everything quickly and easy. We congratulate these crazy and fearless people, and we wish them to never leave sports or “Sporter”. We wish them many cool events, clever and obedient volunteers. We also wish them fences that never fall and cool medals. More collaborators and more time for sleep! 🙂



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