Sporter and the National Agency for Sport of Romania: A Strategic Partnership
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24 January 2024

Today marks a significant moment in the world of sports and cross-border cooperation with the signing of a Partnership Agreement between Sporter Sports Club and the National Agency for Sport of Romania. This initiative represents not only an important step in promoting sports and physical activity but also a link between Chisinau and Bucharest.

With the signing of this Agreement, we are preparing the ground for the Rubicon 2024 ultramarathon, which will be held from February 2 to February 4 by Sporter Sports Club, a project of Simpals. This event is intended to become a milestone in the regional sports calendar and emphasize the importance of sports as a means of promoting health, well-being and unity. 

Rubicon 2024 will be more than just a sporting competition, as it will celebrate the spirit of community and cultural diversity. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the hospitality, traditions, and beautiful landscapes of Romania and Moldova.

For more detailed information about the event, please visit and follow us on social media.

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