SONR music at the Startup Moldova Summit
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31 March 2023

On March 17, SONR CPO Tatiana Cotliuba gave a pitch at the Startup Moldova Summit. She introduced SONR Music to the audience and told us why she believes in the project.

Pitching allows you to present your idea in front of investors, therefore a part of the Startup Moldova Summit was devoted to a full-fledged pitching panel. “An experience like this is necessary because we are a startup, we face new challenges every day, – says Tatiana. – We need networking, the opportunity to meet people with expertise, who can support us. To survive in the market, we have to grow fast, but without additional investment that’s impossible”.

SONR music adds music to swim workouts. And not just music. Every day, millions of peoplearound the world spend at least an hour in the pool. With SONR music, they can devote that time to listening to audio books, podcasts, training courses: “Swimming is a somewhat monotonous sport, which can get boring. Then your motivation and concentration levels drop. Music helps you keep yourfocus and motivation level high during training”.

Tatiana had only 3 minutes to convince the audience of the project’s potential and she made a compelling argument: “SONR Music is not our first project. We’ve had the experience of launching, producing and marketing SONR Communication System in 47 countries. Such an experience has been a solid basis for our team. With the first product, we faced a lot of challenges and learned a lot. Now we’re prepared to launch the new product faster and on a larger scale. Currently, there are 15 solutions in the market that allow swimmers to satisfy their music needs. We have studied the weaknesses of these products, adjusted them in our product and made it a better device for swimmers”.

SONR is proof that even a small country can think globally: “A startup’s prospects are not affected by the country of origin. Success depends on the relevance of the idea, whether the market is prepared for the product, whether the user understands the problem solved by the product and, of course, the founder’s confidence. SONR Music has these components”.

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