SONR – 6 years!
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24 October 2023

Today marks the birthday of a project that gave swimming a new meaning. It’s incredible, but just 6 years ago it was unthinkable to even dream about real-time communication during training sessions in the pool or in open water.

Simpals’ task is to open new worlds, inspiring by example. Two of our values are audacity and “wow” magic, and the fantastic SONR devices have become their real embodiment. The SONR communicator is the champion among underwater radios, which helps elevate the efficiency of training sessions to unprecedented heights, while the water player SONR music provides a fantastic experience, filling training time with music, audiobooks, and lessons.

In just 6 years, SONR has transformed into a project that changes the daily reality of people on all continents – keep it up! Friends, we believe in you – continue to conquer the elements! We await new enlightenments and stunning developments.

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