Little visitors in a company this big
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24 January 2020


The other day, a whole crew of noisy active children with a truckload of “Whys” paid us a visit. They were interested in absolutely everything: how cartoons are drawn, who invents heroes, why there is Dji over here, but no Dji over there. And the main question was: How to draw your own cartoon? Animators and artists of the Simpals animation studio, as well as the director Dmitri Voloshin answered all questions asked by the children.



The tour was very fun. Together with the children, we had an occasion to watch our cartoons, help them draw their own cartoons, play with the figures, jump on the beanbags, and fool around. Hopefully, after such a visit, when asked: “What do you want to become when you grow up?”, some of them will answer — “An animator”.




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