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2 February 2024

Simpals has a significant advantage: company employees can constantly improve their professional skills, learn new things, and become more valuable specialists. For this purpose, a real treasure trove of knowledge has been created! Simpals Academy offers hundreds of courses, books, and webinars. In 2024, it has been enhanced, making knowledge acquisition even more comfortable and efficient. 


In early 2024, we focused on automating the learning process and launched LMS Collaborator. It contains more than 250 courses! Thanks to this system, you can learn interactively and then receive a certificate of completion based on an assessment. 

Offline, online and audio

Books have also become more accessible. Each employee chooses the option that makes it easier for them to absorb the information. If you like reading from a screen, welcome to the online library. Those who would rather listen have access to a variety of audiobooks. And for those who like to rustle pages, we have arranged a new offline library. It turns out that many at Simpals enjoy not only the information from the best authors but also the tactile experience. Books are flying off the shelves!

A community of like-minded people 

Another way to make learning more effective is to be able to share knowledge and experiences about courses taken and books read. For this purpose, we have launched the PDP Club.  Here we discuss our development plans, share our findings, and tell each other what impressed us or was particularly useful. Although the club has only just been launched, the first meeting has already taken place – the participants were lively in discussing ways to increase efficiency and were happy to share their achievements. 

Development and symbiosis are the values of Simpals. They help us to improve ourselves and inspire others to do the same.

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