Simpals Stories: Pro Insights at Open Talks
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20 June 2024

Last week at Simpals ended with a fantastically interesting meeting in the format of Open Talks. Dmitry Gavrishov, Senior UX Designer at, Cross Sell Web team, shared his experience.

Everything was interesting for Simpals employees. Dmitry talked about the processes at Booking and the intricacies of the Connected Trip service, which seamlessly connects all travel aspects. Most importantly, he spoke about his personal development experience in a major global company.

Dmitry’s team faces exciting challenges every day, which makes them similar to us at Simpals, as we believe we are pioneers. We like to believe that the world is still full of mysteries, which is why we embark on new journeys every day, discover new opportunities, and create magic. We develop quickly, generously share our existing knowledge, and eagerly absorb new information.

Dmitry’s story about the behind-the-scenes product processes at Booking was interesting and inspiring. His personal experience showed that giving up is never an option. Dmitry shared how he failed several times interviews even for a Junior position but remained persistent, and just six months after his last failure, he was working as a Senior. Developing, persevering, and staying focused on your goal is the right path to success.

Open Talks is a new meeting format for Simpals, and Dmitry Gavrishov was the first guest. We will continue to invite interesting experts for informal discussions so that our company’s employees can discover new opportunities and enrich themselves with valuable experiences.

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