Simpals Meets the Participants of the Startup Weekend Moldova 2012.
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21 June 2012

We organized a meeting with the participants of the Startup Weekend Moldova 2012 that had been held at the beginning of June. The meeting brought together the representatives of the three award winning IT projects.

The beginner startupers shared a friendly and informal atmosphere together with their project development experience and concerns and received a feedback with precious pieces of advice from Dmitri Voloshin and Roman Stirbu, Simpals Garage representatives, and Ionela Ciuhri, the representative of USAID CEED II.

* Geo Lupascu, representative, the third runner-up at Startup Weekend Moldova 2012.

“We decided to bring changes to our initial project. At present the project concept has been developed into the on-line platform giving the opportunity to provide soccer predictions. The participants will get a free beer depending on the prediction accuracy. We hope that this idea will attract major breweries and thus result in project monetization.”

Dmitri Voloshin set forth the possible problems that startupers might face while working out this idea, advised to discuss the project with a lawyer and inquired about the project schedule.

* Vitali Boico, Street Ads representative, the second runner-up at Startup Weekend Moldova 2012.

The project concept is to create an integrated on-line platform to pool data on all promotional banners in Chsinau.
«The negotiations with the prospective partners revealed that there already exists a counterpart to such startup project. Thus we decided to think over the possible modification options. We are planning further negotiations shortly.
The fruitful discussion with all the participants resulted in a brainstorm and a couple of curious options.

* Nagailic Serghei, Push&Go project, the first runner-up at Startup Weekend Moldova 2012.

“Of course we were expecting the new challenges to emerge when getting down to the project development. Despite the idea of moving aside from the project basic concept and sticking to travel industry we managed to keep the project interactive functionality.”

Dmitri Voloshin advised the starup developers to make changes that will attract ordinary users and gave recommendations concerning the project monetization.

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