Simpals made the clip HORA DIN MOLDOVA with all Moldova
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8 May 2009

Moldova is ready for “Eurovision”! The video for Nelly Ciobanu song «Hora din Moldova» is finished. Simpals, Orange and Teleradio Moldova would like to thank all Moldovan citizens for having taken an active part in its creation.

The work on the clip lasted a month. At first it was filmed 10% of the clip – shots where Nelly is singing. The shooting took place on the Orhei highway. Then the process involved all of Moldova. The video is 90% made of mobile videos, which were sent at There were about a hundred videos involved in the “Hora”. They were selected from the 2000 video on different subjects from all over the country.

With the clip, which was made along with the whole country, we have to win! Europe will remember us.

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