Simpals is among the founding members of the Association of Electronic Companies of Moldova (ACEM)
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17 May 2019

Moldova breaks new ground in the field of electronics: several companies engaged in the electronics industry, including Simpals SRL, have become co-founders of the Association of Electronic Companies (ACEM).

The idea of creating such an association came in the framework of the Round Table “Electronic Industry, Achievements, Challenges and Prospects” held on 9 November 2018 and attended by representatives of the private sector in the field of electronic industry, the public sector and the academic environment of the Republic of Moldova.

“We are confident that through joint efforts we will be able to generate powerful ideas, promote actions that will have a major impact on this vital sector for the Republic of Moldova. We will also strive to facilitate the import of equipment, electronic components for the development of further products. We are prepared to work together to increase the potential of the Republic of Moldova in the electronics sector,” declared Deputy Minister of Information Technology and Communications, Vitalie Tarlev.

Based on viable partnerships between private companies, public authorities and other national and international organizations, ACEM aims to promote competitiveness and the development of the electronics industry in the Republic of Moldova.

“As co-founders of ACEM, we set out to popularize hardsoft electronic products made in Moldova. We also tend to create new products and promote them internationally. As a result, we will be able to attract new personnel and new specialists to this industry, because over time, during the development of electronic products, we often faced staff shortages. We tend to grow specialists in this field, provide them with space and an appropriate environment to develop and reach a new level, so that the Moldovan electronics industry becomes prestigious and promising,” mentioned Roman Stirbu, Simpals Company Director.

The meeting of the founders was held on May 14th and attended by representatives of the electronics industry, the potential full members of ACEM. Marcel Varlan, the director of an electronic equipment company, was elected as president of the association. At the meeting, he announced an action plan for the association for the coming years.

The founding members of the association are legal entities – companies engaged in the electronics industry of the Republic of Moldova: Informbusiness SRL, ICS Steinel Electronic SRL, ELIRI SA, SIMPALS SRL, BLACKSEA-EMS SRL, FIRMA AFN SRL, Technical University of Moldova, IM AROBS SOFTWARE SRL.

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