Simpals and develop eco-friendly transport
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31 May 2023

Simpals and are developing a network of charging stations for electric cars. It is a new development vector for the project, which naturally fits into the company’s system of priorities based on ethics and social responsibility.

The air in Chisinau is filling more and more with harmful emissions, the main source of which is transport. Electric cars are an environment-friendly alternative, but the spread of green transport is hampered by a lack of charging stations. That’s why is here to fill the gap.

The first charging station for electric cars was launched by the team together with their partner EV Point last October. Now the second charging station in Tohatin commune is ready. It is expected that by the end of the summer another 5 stations of this kind will be installed.

By now, every customer of the most popular classifieds board in the country is already contributing to the “greening” of transport. Together we will make the air cleaner.

Join in!

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