Monsters School Website entered the Runet Top 10
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17 April 2013

We have won the first place! A very pleasant surprise!

How did it happen?

One day, Anya, our project manager, receives a phone call from her acquaintance saying:
– Hi! (We’ll skip “how are you”, “what are you doing” and things like that, and get straight to the point). Where do you work?
– At Monsters School.
– Do you know that you’ve entered the top 10 Russian websites?
– о_О

Well, it happened approximately like that. In the end, it turned out to be true! (the domain is not Russian!) entered the Runet top 10.

The website BRS (Best Russian Site) (Best Russian Site) selects the sites with the most beautiful and original design, and the users have to choose the best one. The rating is updated every hour on the basis of the scores.

Even though we weren’t informed about our participation, we don’t have any complaints! We are very pleased that the work of our team has been highly appreciated by the Runet users.

There is one more thing that is very important!! The website represents the result of the collective work of Simpals creative team. It cost many liters of coffee, dozens of broken monitors, millions of sleepless nights, tons of (vaseline) shelled sunflower seeds. And voila! site is ready!

By the way, here are some comments of the reviewers:

Generally speaking, we continue working. And now we have a new group of students studying at our school. Don’t forget that we offer the best graduates to become part of Simpals creative team and work on the animated film.

«Stay with us, boy, you’ll be our king!!You’ll be our king!!» (с)

P.S. Here’s what we’ve been working on, and this is also the result of our mental and manual work=) By the way, the new film has been created with the participation of the graduates of the School of Monsters!

P.S.2. In the meantime, our animated film has been selected for screening at Annecy International Animated Film Festival! To learn more, click here.

P.S.3. You can apply for a course right here.

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