Roman Știrbu has become a member of the board of directors of Startup Moldova.
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17 November 2023

Roman Știrbu, the CEO of Simpals, has joined the board of directors of Startup Moldova. This is a non-profit organization, founded by the National Association ATIC, with the aim of accelerating Moldova’s economic growth and enhancing the well-being of its society through the development of the start-up and digital innovation ecosystem.

Symbiosis and development are crucial values for Simpals, which is why our company puts in considerable efforts to support this ecosystem. Employees share their experience and knowledge, act as mentors for those just starting in the IT field, and participate in various summits, workshops, and other events. Roman Știrbu himself has been a mentor and speaker at numerous events. Now, his level of involvement has increased.

Sustainable progress in Moldova is only possible if our society can effectively respond to current challenges. We take pride in Simpals doing everything possible in this regard and will continue to support development.

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