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26 November 2020

Due to numerous requests and suggestions from our users, a new option is available on Point.md — “report a comment”.


With its help, Point readers will be able to independently submit comments for moderation if they believe that such comments are violating the site’s rules.


The “Report” button will be located in the menu under the likes/dislikes. If you think that any comment violates the site rules: contains profanity, spam, insults to news subjects or editorial staff, advertising, discrimination, threats, incitement to violence, click on the three-dot icon and select the “Report” option.

The first time you go to comments, a hint will appear indicating that a new feature is available to you.


Before submitting the comment for moderation, you are supposed to select one of the reasons why it should be blocked.

Moderators can accept or reject your complaint. If the complaint was accepted, the comment will be blocked. The user whose comment has been blocked will receive a notification about this in the top bar.


One person can complain once about the same comment. After you submit the complaint, the button will have its status changed to “complaint sent”. 

You can help us make Point.md better!

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