Registration is now open for the fourth swimming competition Sea Mile 2016
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20 April 2016

Right now you have the opportunity to register for the championship in swimming in open water Ghidighici Sea Mile 2016, which will be held this summer on July 17th for the fourth time.

Registration is mandatory for all the athletes, who will participate in the fourth swimming race in open water Ghidighici Sea Mile 2016 in the categories Double Sea Mile (3700 m), Sea Mile (1850 m) and Fun Swim 200 m.

The cost of registration at the Ghidighici Sea Mile 2016 varies depending on the date of the registration fee payment:

April 25 – June 1 – 200 MDL ~ 9 Euro

June 1 – July 1 – 300 MDL ~ 13 Euro

July 1 – July 17 – 400 MDL ~ 18 Euro

Participation in the non-competitive swim race Fun Swim 200m is exempt from the participation fee.

Only after performing all procedures and receiving electronic confirmation letter, the participant is considered to be officially registered at the Sea Mile 2016.

If you place data that is not true, marathon organizers reserve the right to cancel the registration. The participation fee will not be returned in this case.

Electronic registration will be available from the 25th of April, 2016 till the 15th of July, 2016 inclusive. You will not have the possibility to register after that date.

We remind you that 400 people took part in the third swimming race on Ghidighici. These included swimmers from such countries, as Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Italy.

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