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17 June 2014

On June 15, Forum.md held the first big offline event called “Good Deeds Day: Zebra Offline”. Why is it called Good Deeds Day? Why is it striped? We shall explain it. =)

Well, some time ago we agreed to meet once a month and do something good for our city. The first place on our list was the Zoo as it has a lot of animals and kind-hearted visitors who always tend to feed them. So the activists of Forum.md came up with the idea how to discourage visitors from giving any food to animals. No, we do love animals, that’s why we made this decision. The fact is that visitors and animals have different diets and such artificial feeding is often harmful for animals. In order to solve this problem we decided to make funny warning plates that not only entertain people, but also convey a certain message. By the way, all the inscriptions were written by the activists of Forum.md. Our deepest respect to them!


It was time to move from words to deeds. So on June 15 we hung the plates, had a nice walk around the Zoo and then went to Autocinema where fun and games turned into an entertaining gift-giving ceremony where we handed out gifts from our partners and sponsors.



What did we do next? Well, we watched a cool movie chosen by the participants of the offline event.


On the whole, it was a great day, we had a lot of fun and did a good deed, in other words Good Deeds Day lived up to its name=) And it makes us really happy!
See you at the next Good Deeds Day!!

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