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18 August 2020

A user influence system – the “Karma”, is now available on Point.md. The higher it is, the more credibility you have and the greater your influence on the site.


It is not by chance that the notion of “Karma” is used. The users’ reputation and their level of influence will depend on their actions on the site. You can gain positive karma in several ways: regularly read news, leave comments and get likes for them, report errors on the site, send important news or notes about events to the editorial office.


— For a like to a comment, you can get from +1 to +5 points, depending on the level of influence of the “liking” user.

— Reading 25% of all news on the site? Then you get another +1 point.

— Participation in voting – another +1 point.

— Sending editorial errors that you find in the news – +10 points.

— Sending news to the editorial office, which are then included in the news feed – another +100 points.

If a user violates the rules of the site, and his comments are blocked by moderators or get dislikes from other readers, his/her “Karma” goes down. 

— Dislikes to comments take off -1 point.

— Each comment blocked by moderators takes off -10 points. 

Point.md is a news resource that covers the latest and current events in Moldova and abroad. All readers have the right to freely express their opinions, but despite this, it is important that each of them should be responsible for their words and actions.


The system of “influence” has already been launched. Users with high “Karma” received additional opportunities and can influence others through likes: the higher the “Karma”, the more points can be added to another participant in the discussion.

All users who had negative “Karma” at the time of launch had their reputation raised to -9 points. If later “Karma” goes much lower, they won’t be able to use some of the options on the site: give likes/dislikes, write comments, or they will be able to leave only a limited number of comments.

Learn more about the rules for calculating and using “Karma” here.

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