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22 November 2013

We’ve had so many victories that we decided to share the good news by “wholesale” =)

SHORTS – is an Independent Shorts Film Festival which is held on the Internet. The winners are determined by the audience voting and by the participants of the festival. According to the SHORTS participants voting, our film “Dji. Death Fails” won the award for Best Animation! We’re pleased that not only the audience, but also film industry professionals appreciated the work of Simpals Animation Studio. The Festival is held on the Internet from June to November and has several stages. The results are announced at the annual awards ceremony on November 7th in Albany movie theatre (Tula, Russia).

The next victory was quite unexpected! Our film won Audience Award at FreeNetWorld Fest. This is an international film festival which aims to support and promote the creativity of film and authors from all over the world, primarily through the Internet that is the basic kind of communication in the future. Really!

Another International Short Film Festival that gave us a warm welcome is TISFF – which is held in Thessaloníki (Greece). This year the festival was included in the list of the best 45 short film festivals in the world.

According to the organizers: “We are now in a list as one of the best 45 short film festivals in the world, and among the 28 top European festivals, based on film selection and program (not budgets or sponsors!)”.

It’s a great honor for us that we not only participated in this event, but also received the Cinematic Achievement Award!

Libelula! Libelula! It’s not a bad word and it’s not a dragonfly=) In fact, it’s a wonderful animation festival which is held in Spain since 2012. The festival is young, but very promising, as the goal of the organizers in not only to attract filmmakers, but also something much more important: “A dragonfly has multifaceted eyes giving them a nearly 360° field of vision. We suggest to look at the world through her eyes. Open-mindedness generates fresh ideas, promotes creative development, but communication with other people who have completely different views and experiences allows all the participants of this creative process to explore new forms of artistic expression. This is the goal of Libelula Animation Festival”.

Moreover, the jury of the festival gave a SPECIAL MENTION for “Dji. Death fails” – Dmitriy Voloshin, for its use of wonderful character design to address an otherwise sad topic with much.

One more festival for today (we had no idea that there are so many of them): the jury of the festival ExpoToons 2013 gave a Special Mention to our animated film “Gypsy and Death” which had been released in 2008.

We decided to count how many festivals invited our film “Dji. Death Fails”. The figures are really impressive. In total we visited 75 festivals and received 10 awards.=)

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