Places for kissing appeared in a park of Chisinau
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15 February 2016
The Project Chisinau Is Me continues to please Chisinau inhabitants with its art objects, creating a festive mood with the help of seemingly simple things. On Sunday, February 14th, 5 special signs “Especially for kisses” have been set at the park Valea Morilor.

Signs were marking places, where couples could kiss. Many people, walking around the lake, strongly supported the initiative. Some couples have especially come to the lake from distant parts of the city. The mood of walkers in the park was definitely improving as they were approaching the signs.

Many have decided to capture themselves near the new signs. Chisinau Is Me has placed signs all along the lake, at a distance of 1.3 kilometers. The city project Chisinau Is Me stands for the promotion of urban tourism and hopes that these signs will attract more people to the picturesque places of our capital.

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