Our new record – more than 100 000 items in the catalog!
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18 March 2016


Dear friends!

Great news: our site contains more than 100 000 offers!

All products are allocated in 15 broad categories, covering all that you might need every day. Now, you really can find almost everything on the site: from mobile phones, motor oils and children’s clothing, to pans, perfumery and toolkits. 999 Market website allows you to find out contact details and addresses of shops that offer goods.

For the convenience of our visitors, the site has a price comparison service, which works not only with the online stores, but also with retail stores that do not have shopping windows on the Internet. Each category has a set of convenient and intuitive filters, through which users may quickly find exactly the product that interests them.

In addition to the platform for shopping, we provide services for the creation and updating of the online stores. First of all, these services are aimed at supporting local producers and companies.

To learn more about how you can place the goods on 999 Market and how to create your online store, please call: 079 771 161 or contact us by e-mail: vadim@999.md

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