Online Shop 999: The range of products increases from 7,000 to 10,000 units
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15 March 2011

The collaborators of the online store Shop 999 aim to provide the widest range of products for their customers. Therefore, we are constantly expanding the range of products in our shop.

Now, the number of products has reached ten thousand, which means that today, here you can find almost everything.

All products are distributed in categories. It’s not difficult to find the needed product. In our store you will find:

– Different types of household appliances

– Phones

– Computers and office equipment

– Audio, video, photo equipment

– E-books

– Accessories for transport

– Aircraft (do not be surprised =))

– Building and repair materials

– Goods for children

– Software

– Gifts and Souvenirs

– Cosmetics and perfumes

– Sports and Health

– Leisure Products

– Goods for house

And much more!

Shopping in an on-line store provides a number of advantages, including:

– Saving of time

– Easy product selection and availability of comprehensive information about its technical characteristics.

– Saving of money. You do not pay for rent and office store.

Select the desired item, and feel free to use all the advantages of an online store together with Shop 999!

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