Online Shop 999: Sales Training from Nokia
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28 April 2012

The workers of Online Shop 999 are regularly visiting trainings to improve the skills. This time, the training was organized by the company Nokia.

Today, the company Nokia is supporting the leading network service providers, distributors, resellers and corporate clients the knowledge and tools for reliable sales, support and use of all technological solutions of Nokia.

Nokia offers its customers an access to additional training programs, designed to help market and support a wide range of technical solutions of Nokia.

In order to achieve the benefits of the business environment, any successful marketing strategy should be based on knowledge about the product – knowledge that contributes to the formation of technical solutions to meet the needs of clients.

During the training that was held for the workers of the online store 999, Nokia has paid particular attention to the special sales skills training, providing technical knowledge in basic products and solutions of Nokia.

Thus, we care about the quality of service to our customers and strive to provide high quality services!

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