Camera, action, run: Online Chisinau Marathon 2020 video
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20 October 2020

Sporter team has released the official after movie of the first online Chisinau Marathon ever!


This year has got us and the whole world there: the pandemic, the quarantine, sports events being postponed and canceled. pandemic, quarantine, sports events being postponed and canceled. But we could not deprive Moldova of the opportunity to have such a significant and memorable sporting event. This is how the idea of holding the Chisinau Marathon online was born, so that everyone had the chance to take part in the race. Even those who are now thousands of miles away from Chisinau, from their own home and motherland.

And you know, it worked! Not just runners from different cities of Moldova ran with us, but also participants from different countries: the USA, Italy, Romania, Greece, and even India.

Many participants sent us videos from their races. We chose the brightest shots and included them in the official after movie:

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