OFFline 6 – Paintball, FORUM.MD BANG-BANG!
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26 May 2002


OFFline 6 Bang-Bang

On May 26, will be held the 6’Th offline with the code name “Bang-Bang”. We will gather on Sunday (I will tell you later where) between 10 and 10:42. Then we will form the teams and we’ll play by the Olympic system. What you need: 40 lei for a half an hour (80 for an hour) – respectively you get 20 or 40 balls. Dress code – combat. Those who want to participate, please write just below about your desire, so that we could estimate the number of participants. Because we are planning an integral offline, ALL are invited! As usual – free beer!

Also we should note the comments of the fans on what was happening on the field. Here are some of them: “Komsomolka balls are filled with dust!” (the rivals of KP had seriously thought about this and… had lost). “Hot food, warm clothes – Give Up!” (at the moment when King-Kong had remained with three rivals against him). “You cannot shoot in women; they are taken as prisoners and tortured!” (at this moment, there was only one girl of the field – Музыка – the only female who has decided to play paintball). “Guys, you aren’t playing chess!” (At this moment, the rivals had frozen behind the barricades, waiting for someone to pop up first and to be shot). “Hmmm, not the tanks are winning the wars, but the economy” (about the fact that KP team has purchased additional balls and was shooting like from a machine gun).


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