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5 February 2002


The journalists of “KP”-Chisinau” has awarded the most active participants of the online discussions in “Komsomolka”.

The idea to offer the visitors of topics for articles which will be prepared by the journalists of “KP”-Chisinau” has come recently, at the beginning of this year. Then we had no idea about what would happen. But it turned out great: lively discussion of the materials, new themes proposed by Internet users…

In general, a whole interactive. And where is “KP”, there are surely prizes. The first award of the most active participants in the discussion, we have dated to the offline. Translated into human language it means a day when Internet users are meeting in reality, not in the virtual network…

We all agreed to meet at 6 o’clock in the evening at the bar “Vitanta”. As usual, most of participants were late. Honestly, we didn’t expect that so much people will gather. But no, they were quite a lot, that’s why we’ve decided to hold the meeting not in the bar, but in the street right next to it. We took the tables out, arranged the beers… Which participant has received a badge with his nickname on it. I got the badge with the mark “KP”. However, by the end of the evening it was reversed for some reason… The photojournalist was envying me. He didn’t get the badge…

After the people had warmed up with beer, we’ve proceed to the awarding. But the meeting was so informal that we didn’t have strength for official speeches. After a briefly description of the details of collaboration of “KP”-Chisinau” with the visitors of the discussion site, our speaker was surprised to find out that he is finishing his speech mumbling the words: “Please, welcome the mister, the citizen, the fellow…” We had to stop the speech and give the prizes to the winners: Вит and Max1. The prizes – two tickets to the cinemas of the city – had surely pleased our winners. Perhaps because of joy, one of them has lit the pipe.

Further, the evening had all the characteristics of a rebellion and fighting on the barricades. Apparently, no one has left unsatisfied (in terms of thirst). People were having fun, taking photos and socializing… After that, understanding that it’s time to begin working, we left the place of such a lovely meeting, but only with the condition to meet each other at next offlines.

Nikita Zverev. Komsomolskaya Pravda Moldova.

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