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1 September 2006

I. Introduction

September 1 – Knowledge Day in our country.

On this day we decided to please the guys who are studying in a boarding school for children with mental retardation. These are children who, in spite of its limitations and abilities, still seek to know the world around them. They’re not like everyone else, and therefore, they need special approach.

The purpose of the campaign:

To congratulate with Knowledge Day the students of the boarding school for children with mental retardation.

The task of the campaign:

Fundraising and gift-giving.

Plan activities:

Fundraising is done by the principle “as much as you can”.

II. Material aid

Due to 16 people from the Forum, we’ve collected 2900 lei. With this money we’ve purchased stationery for children of preschool age. These are: pencils, pens, notebooks, colored paper, watercolors, brushes, paint, etc. and sweets (cookies, fruits). Even the adults wanted to read, decorate and play when they saw all kind of book, “coloring” albums and toy that had been brought to our office.

Special thanks to Disabled for providing us with a transport suitable for carrying heavy packs, “a rough man’s strength.”

III. Epilogue

The action began on 19 August 2006. During this time, we’ve discussed, accepted, or rejected many offers. As a result, on August 30, on the collected funds we’ve purchased stationery, sweets and fruits. On September 1, all the presents were safely delivered to the address: Chisinau, Bogdan Hasdeu str,  nr. 4, Boarding school for children with learning disabilities «ORFEU».

There are about 200 pupils in the boarding school “ORFEU”. 70 of them under the age of 10 years – this is pre-school age children and those who study in the 1 – 4 forms of the primary school.

Concretely there, on the first of September, there was the traditional celebration, and the solemn presentation of gifts. The children were sincerely happy about the brought presents.

After solemn speeches and congratulations, the participants of the shares sat down at the table. They shared their impressions, remembered their school routine and their September 1.

We’d want to hope that similar actions, such as “June 1” and “1 September”, will become a tradition for the Internet community

IV. They are eager to learn, despite its uniqueness.

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