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21 July 2006

Summer, a pool with cool water and offline…

What could be better? Once again, the brilliant idea to spend offline of the Forum at the pool was supported by more than 70 people. No, the idea was supported by more people, but more than 70 people were present at the offline.

Already at 19:00 it was clear that the off was a success, and that the evening will not end soon. People were gathering to the pool MIRACOL in advance. Everyone was anxious to plunge into the cool water and again to feel a little child.

Huge men and cute girls were jumping into the water, depicting dolphins and karate fighters, bombs and butterflies. Before jumping each tried to draw the attention of the photo and video cameras in order to perpetuate the jump. The people from FORUM were having fun like children. Water and good weather helped the visitor to communicate well and to take off the burden of working days.

The attention from the resting was diverted only once – at the moment when was the awarding of the winner for the best description of the topic. ”

The winner was Pelionka with a description of the topic PR.

After the handing of the diploma, she was joyfully thrown into the water, so that she didn’t pass out because of the joy. The prize – a case of beer “Stary Melnik», was received by Pelionka in the office of Simpals.

Because the pool was available just for a little time – until 22:00, and FORUM cannot party a little, the whole crowd moved to the bar Octopus after water treatment. We would want to thank Aftiki for helping, namely for providing the transportation of the wet, tired but happy campers.

Well, at the Octopus all went differently. There were heated discussions, all of us had again began to think, “like an adult”. Or the beer in unlimited amounts contributed to this, or … We sat for a long time, talked a lot …. Had come to a consensus. And this pleases.


So, for a healthy lifestyle!


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