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1 June 2006

I. introduction

June 1. Dedicated to the boys and girls…

UNESCO dedicated June 1 to the children, calling it the World Children’s Day. On this day, adults try to pay more attention to their children, to create at least a small celebration.

But there are children deprived the care and attention of the loved ones.

On this day, the International Children’s Day, we wanted to give an unforgettable holiday for children who live in an orphanage.

The purpose of the campaign:

Congratulate the children living in the orphanage with the International Children’s Day.

The task of the campaign:

Fundraising and organization of the holiday.

Plan activities:

Buying gifts, visiting the children along with the artists.

And suddenly a magician arrives…

The action has started. It wasn’t so easy. But thanks to the common efforts we’ve managed to do even more than we had planned at the beginning.

We would like to thank those 27 people from the FORUM who supported and assisted us. And to all those who joined us.

We’ve managed to collect about 4100 lei.

From the collected found we had purchased games, which promote the development of the child (puzzles, alphabet cubes and pyramids), juices, biscuits, wafers, candies, diapers. Also, we had invited clowns.

Besides money people brought soft toys, stationery, sweets, clothes, books and juices.

III. Epilogue

On May 22, on the site has appeared an announcement.

It called to help children living in an orphanage. We would like to create an atmosphere of warmth and love for at least an hour.

Collected in the short term funds helped us to congratulate the babies living in two orphanages of Chisinau situated on Cuza Voda, 29/4 and Cosmescu 51. We also helped with festive decoration of the place with balloons and flags.

We’ve invited clowns in the orphanage from Cuza-Voda.

They showed a great program: conducted various contests, games…

It was fun for adults and children.

After the children’s home at Cuza-Voda, we went to the orphanage from Cosmescu str. (former Lomonosov).

There was also a matinee where children had presented a wonderful and touching show.

We did it all, even better than we expected. There were worries about what will not raise the necessary funds even for on orphanage, and it turned out that we have enough funds for even two.

This fact demonstrates the cohesion and responsiveness of Forumers.

In the future, we plan to hold another event for children (September 1).

We think that the tradition will last.

IV. After all, it shouldn’t happen that children to be lost…

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