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6 June 2004

The official report of the bowling-offline:

It was the official XIII’Th offline FORUM.MD and we spent it at the bowling club Miami. Initially, we wanted to go to the casino, but most of FORUMers wanted to play bowling. Excellent!

On Sunday, June 6, 2004 we all went to the address (at Botanica, damn). First had warmed up those who were punctual… As always, all the minuses turned in pluses – if we would start to divide people into teams, at 2 o’clock, we would have two of them. And because the Forumers are punctual we had met almost at 3:00 … But at 3.30 had begun battle … It was a beautiful sight, my friends. An indescribable beauty. See the photos.

Everything has gone perfectly. We’ve determined the winners and handed them a case of beer. Three more cases of beer from FORUM.MD were drunk by the players in the process. A half an hour after that, everyone could practice on the track, although fatigue took its toll and the balls were so wrong … Generally, we think, the administration of the club couldn’t even dream of such a number of strikes. By the way, about the administration – you will never find such amiable young people! They helped in every possible way in the organization of the action, its conduct, organizing, and counting. Thank you. To all. Read personal reports and see the photos.

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