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4 June 2004

The official report of the liter ball:

Report of the liter ball championship between the participants of FORUM.MD on Friday, June 4, 2004. The venue for the championship was “Toad” (we even found its real name in “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, but who cares?), and the momentum – the congress of Russian speaker scheduled for this day and the great idea on how to find the owner of a box of beer from the FORUM.MD this week.

At 7 PM, in the street was a small table at which sat those who arrived first… 15 minutes later there were already standing 5 tables, at which were sitting over 40 people. Actually, some of the visitors had already described what was happening there, so we’ll just make some conclusions.

Liter ball is a popular sport. Many are willing to take part in the competitions. And our people are strong! … “Beer and circuses” – that was the motto of the audience. But, the more the athletes drank, the less – the audience … “So are born the non-drinkers” – was the secret motto of this mini-offline. Our people understand – they were accurately carrying the “dead bodies”, cheering them in unison. The banquet had continued collectively. The offline was a success.


-=KeRneL=- mAcRoS BerLon Ромин King-Kong Frumich CRASHER Re_alex

The unchallenged host – Angry Hedgehog.

How they were drinking:


King-Kong VS Frumich ;

Ромин VS -=KeRneL=-;

BerLon VS Re_alex ;


Those who reached the semi-finals:





(they drank 400 gr. in this round)


BerLon VS -=KeRneL=-


Those who reached the finals:


– = KeRneL = – (they drank 300 gr. In this round)

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