Numbers Sales house celebrates five years of activity
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20 May 2016


Do you have a batch of two-legged chairs, a car of broken Christmas-tree decorations or a truck of yesterday’s newspapers, and you want to sell them? You are a funny man, if you haven’t addressed the Numbers right away! Its employees are highly professional wizards who with a flick of the wrist and a couple of phone calls sell your treasure for such a price that will make you wonder, whether it was really necessary to sell that car!  And now these people with cool heads, warm hearts and clean hands have a celebration – Numbers celebrates its first 5 years of activity! We even don’t undertake to count what and how much they sold during this time. But, most likely, if you combine it all together, you get a line from the earth to the sun and back. And you can be sure – guys from Numbers can sell even this line at a higher price! On this joyous day, let’s wish them prosperity and expansion, so that every day brought new Challenge, which Numbers will easily cope with.

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