Now the newspaper “SMS Market” is called “999”
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28 November 2007

The Simpals Company has merged the most popular online bulletin board with the periodical “SMS Market”.

Rebranding was performed due the addition of new services of submitting classified ads, both in the newspaper and on the Internet portal In particular, now, in addition to submitting SMS ads, the customers of «Orange» can submit MMS ads in the newspaper (ads with photos).

Recall, the project «SMS Market» was launched in September 2006. At the time of creation, the print SMS project of Simpals had no analogues in Moldova. The feature of this project is the direction to publish classified ads, sent from a mobile phone via SMS.

Development stages of the project «SMS Market».

* September 27, 2006 – the first issue of the newspaper.

* October 11, 2006 – a 25 percent growth of the volume of newspaper.

* 24 January 2007 – the newspaper «SMS Market» has now 24 pages. Expanded headings: “Transport”, “Work and Education”, “Services” and “Entertainment”.

* February 5, 2007 – service ad in the newspaper «SMS Market» are available to subscribers of Moldcell and AloCard.

* October 23, 2007 – the volume of newspapers increased to 44 pages. The design had been changed – we added two colored paged of ads, as well as a new section “Construction and Repair.”

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