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1 April 2014

Is everything new well-forgotten old?

It has become an annual tradition in our company to launch a new project on its birthday (which is April 1, and it’s not a joke). This year we’ve launched a new version of!

The first Moldovan video hosting website has undergone both external and internal transformation. The website has a new engine, and recent tests show that it works really well!

Speaking about its functionality, we should say that it has all the necessary functions. You can view the video that has just been uploaded or the most popular and discussed videos.

You can subscribe to a channel that has videos you’re interested in. The most viewed and frequently updated channels are placed in the top which you can find if you scroll down the homepage.

You can still use unified login system for all projects belonging to Simpals. So you can visit all our websites (,,, and others) using your unique username and password.

PS: Our glorious programmers put their noses (and other parts of the body) to the grindstone to do the job=) Now you can upload videos, create live broadcasts using your web camera or start your own channel on

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