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31 January 2011

Good day everyone!

Currently we’re working fruitfully on the script for the full-length film.

Since people struggling with it are very creative, we lost count long ago how many ideas had been invented, rejected and already forgotten.

On the other hand, our artists got used to thinking in pictures. In other words, while an ordinary person is thinking about the character and his actions, an artist starts drawing it. Or sculpting. And then it turns out that the script has changed again and this character has no place in the film.

Thus, for the moment we’ve gathered a number of amusing characters which may not be included in the animated film, but if they will, they won’t look as they were intially conceived. There is a whole range of characters in our reserve which in case they get in the cartoon- will appear with new backgrounds and nature. In fact, with new passports.

We still find some of them quite amusing and decided to introduce them to you.

So, meet


A young, strapping fellow. He is not very smart, but has a distinctive, very naive peasant cunning.

He is taciturn, almost never smiles, gloomy at first sight.

At the beginning of their acquaintance our Gojo was very much afraid of him. Moreover, Gerasim himself ( you should understand that the character’s name is very conventional, we just had to call this muscle man somehow) didn’t sympathize Gojo from the start.

Then at some point in the story we planned to show that behind the menacing appearance and intractability lies quite a clever and crafty guy who could quick-wittedly swindle Gojo.

The Physician.

The physician as a character appeared quite simply. The artist ran into the room and shouted joyfully:

– I’ve drawn a physician! The healer looks very nice. May be one of the main characters.

In response to his words he heard a shot. It was the screenwriter who tried to kill himself as at that time he was about to finish the 48th version of the script, which didn’t contain any doctors or even veterinarians.

However, everybody liked the Physician and the character received its biography, or to be more precise several biographies.

According to one version, he is over 100 years old, 80 of them he devoted to magic and medicine. 80 years of training at the medical institute can make anyone ill-tempered, that’s why the Physician was suggested as the main antihero.

According to another version, he was a wizard, as old as the universe, who suddenly got bored of the place where he lived and felt drawn to people. Due to his sorcery he could always watch the adventures of Gojo and his friends. At some point it became something like an exciting serial film to him- maybe, his only entertainment.

There were other versions as well: bewitched Katya Lel, Honoured Santa Claus in exile, Gosha Kutsenko as Nikolai Slichenko. But all these versions were dismissed for some reason and he simply remained the Physician: wise, unpredictable, mysterious.

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