#Neampornit: Map.md helps to develop domestic tourism in Moldova
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25 June 2020


A new category – #Neampornit, has appeared on Map.md. With it, you can travel, find new tourist places and add places of your own.

Moldova has everything for traveling: beautiful views, cozy sheltered places, mysterious undiscovered territories. Now we have the chance to show that domestic tourism can be as exciting as outside our country. Our company was delighted to join the national campaign #Neampornit.

Together with the Investment Agency, the creative agency Publicis, the communication agency Profile, and Magenta Consulting company, we set out to show residents and guests of Moldova that besides the famous sites like Old Orhei, Cricova cellars or Tsypovo landscapes, we have many new and unusual tourist destinations in our country and we should talk about such places.

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We thought about using our team’s experience for the development of the #Neampornit project. We have the most detailed map of Moldova Map.md, on which almost all the settlements of the country are drawn. We also have a cool team and a great desire to make our country better.

This is how a new category – #Neampornit, appeared on Map.md. It is completely devoted to domestic tourism. So that travelers can find a destination that they like, all tourist places are divided into subcategories, for example, wineries, ethno, art, nature, history. There is even a category for those who are looking for Instagram photo spots. Now you can choose the places you are interested in, study them beforehand, get directions and set off to explore new things.

Travelers usually like to talk about their adventures, that is why we added a special module. With its help, everyone can tell us about some picturesque corner of our country, which no one has heard of, send photos, contacts, and tell the story of this place.


All applications will be moderated, supplemented if necessary and posted on the site.

This is the essence of the #Neampornit campaign – to show the hidden beauty of our country and … share it with others.

#Neampornit now contains more than 600 tourist places and objects, many of which have photos uploaded and contact details indicated, such as: phone, address, website link. We are planning to make this category accessible to foreigners, as well as add short descriptions for all objects.

The #Neampornit campaign also has its own site — neampornit.md, which was developed by the Map.md team and the Publicis agency. On the site, in addition to the interactive map, you can also join the #Neampornit marathon and tell about your expectations from traveling in Moldova.

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That’s all for today. Map.md is now not only a detailed vector map of Moldova, but also the most detailed tourist map. It helps to find new tourist routes and take a fresh look at Moldova!

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